Our Story

Year of the Women® happened out of a simple idea originating from a fun-filled family reunion vacation in the Caribbean; “everyone has a special woman” in their life; our mothers. In 2010, while on a (large) family reunion vacation in Jamaica there were several generations of family members present. We celebrated, had a lot of fun, and created a lot of lasting memories. The day before departure-day, we realized that none of that would have been possible without our mothers and the women who have positively touched our lives. To show our appreciation and gratitude to these women, we visited a t-shirt vendor and created the very first Year of the Women® celebratory t-shirt to honor the mothers and thank all the women for sharing their stories.

On departure-day, one of our family-members wore the Year of the Women® t-shirt while still on the island and then on the way back to the USA. To our surprise, people passing by seemed fascinated with the t-shirt and commented on it, “like your t-shirt” and others asked where they could purchase one.

We kept reflecting back to our reunion vacation and all the inspiring stories that were shared by our mothers, daughters and the women in our family about their “life’s Journey”; their struggles, inspiration to keep on going on, and the help they got along the way. Then the “aha light-bulb moment” happened! These women, without realizing it, were actually sharing stories of their life’s journey (as a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a woman) and the inspiration, strength, and endurance that kept them going on no matter what; and they were passing on their legacy to their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and the generations to follow (priceless!). That first Year of the Women® celebratory t-shirt became a symbolic memory of honor and gratitude to all mothers and all women who touch our lives in a positive way and the stories we share that become a part of our legacy forever; gratitude, fun and laughter, empowerment, and the friendships we share.

The Life We Live. The Legacy We Leave

The Year of the Women® brand chronicles life’s journey, the legacy we leave, and the stories we share. It represents a simple, yet powerful messages of:

·   Honor and Gratitude to our mothers and all the women who touch our lives in a positive way;

·   Life's Journey (the life we live, empowerment and affirmations, fun and laughter) and the legacy we leave behind forever.

Share Stories with the World

Everyone has a story about a woman or women who touched their lives in a positive way. Our platform invites you to submit and Share Stories with the world. You can submit your own stories about your own "life’s journey" or stories about women who have influenced your life in a positive way and/or empowered you to keep reaching to achieve your dreams. Your story could be the story that inspires or empowers others to keep hope in life’s journey!

Online Store

YearOfTheWomen.com® merchandise promotes messages of honor, love, and gratitude to our mothers, daughters, and to all the women who touch our “life’s journey” in a positive way; inspiring messages of empowerment and affirmations, fun and laughter, and the global connections and friendships we share. Each of our merchandise represents a long-lasting memorabilia and keep-sake of our life’s journey, a memory woven into the legacy we leave behind for our children, grandchildren, and generations that follow. Our products are not available in stores or anywhere else. 

Our platform honors past and present “life’s Journey” of women around the globe that have positively touched lives and established their legacy in history and also provides links to Resources that support the Year of the Women mission.


Year of the Women.com® will donate 1% of annual net proceeds to charities related to women’s related causes.